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No Hassle. Just Music.

Gigstarter offers an accessible platform to book live music. We have developed a transparent website where bookers can directly book artists without paying any form of commission.

The concept that Gigstarter created is working successfully. Over 9000 artists in all kind of genres have already signed up on our platform. Together these artists have been booked thousands of times, from living room concerts to great festivals. Due to these numbers, Gigstarter is the most important platform for live music within the Benelux. Since recently, we are proud to say that we are active through the whole of Europe.

Origin of Gigstarter

Gigstarter was found in 2012 by two friends – Julio Pijnappel and Paul de Kuyper –in a café in the heart of Amsterdam. Julio and Paul had been sharing their passion for music for years and played together in a band. They both felt like it was a big hassle to arrange a nice gigs for themselves.

When Julio and Paul explained their problem to the owner of the café, he told them how hard it was to find good, appropriate live music for his café. Although there were plenty of artists who were eager to play, it was hard to find them. That’s when Paul and Julio thought it was time for a platform where artists and bookers can find each other easily. Gigstarter was born.